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Price: $30.00
4” high by 4” wide,1 ½” under flange with an appealing step-down curvature adding a nice highlight to the outer corners of your facia.
Price: $30.00
4” tall with a 8” leg with a decorative curved down step, a 1 ½” under flange to keep the facia trim from separating.
Price: $30.00
8” long, 4” high with a 1 ½” under the flange and a 1” back support to keep the facia trim from separating at all splices in between corners.
Price: $30.00
4” wide by 4” long. L-shaped with opposing legs that are attached to your fascia.
Price: $30.00
7” tall by 12” wide with a 1 ½ flange that curves under the fascia
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Corner Trim Highlighter

Description: Locks together the outside facia trim corners so there is no chance of that separation and twisting that happens to your facia over the years.

Inside Corner

Description: Locks together the inside valley connection, removing the chance to separate or open up your connected corner fascia ends.

Mid Connection

Description: Keeps the facia trim from separating at all splices in between corners, its step curvature matches the corner pieces perfectly in style.

Outside Hip

Description: Creates a unique design to keep the outside hip corner fascia from separating and adds a touch of flair to your home.

Ridge Highlighter

Description:  Curves under the fascia with a front design to connect the fascia trim that will make the peek of your house POP!

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